National nuclear gateway

The National Skills Academy for Nuclear has gained approval via the Growth and Innovation Fund (GIF) for A National Nuclear Gateway project, funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and matched against nuclear employer investment. 

The project aims to deliver transformational growth in the UK nuclear industry by equipping businesses and their supply chain, with the fundamental skills at the right level and the right time to deliver the planned Nuclear Programme in the UK from 2015 onwards.

The UK needs to respond to the business opportunities presented by New Nuclear Build in order to safeguard and grow jobs within the UK and remain competitive internationally in terms of skills, expertise and innovation. To enable this to happen the National Nuclear Gateway project aims to help companies:

  • Understand what level of skills and experience exists in their business and in their contractors.
  • Train their employees with the right skills to deliver their future business objectives through innovative training and resources that are openly accessible to all.
  • Access expert and fit for purpose training delivered by quality providers who understand the complexities and culture of the nuclear industry.
  • Obtain recognition and accreditation for their in-house training and skills programmes.

The two year funded project will ultimately result in an enhanced offer of skills related products and services to the nuclear industry in the UK including:

  • Support for nuclear companies and their supply chain in recording training, qualifications and experience of their workforce and their contractors by developing a standardised approach to workforce competence and capability assessment as an additional offering through the existing Nuclear Skills Passport system.
  • Providing accreditation of professional development and approval of apprenticeship schemes in the nuclear industry through a guild-like collaboration with the Nuclear Institute.
  • Establishing an on-line skills and education portal to enable nuclear training and learning resources to be shared and made accessible to a wider network of companies as well as enabling the more efficient exchange, maintenance and updating of training resources.
  • To deliver a tailored and well-structured employer and provider interchange programme to enable upskilling and innovative work practices to be explored and implemented.

Longer term impacts from the project include, the creation of 3000 additional apprenticeships in the supply chain by 2016 and increased productivity of nuclear companies by £50m by 2017 through targeted training spend.  The project will also contribute towards the forecasted 10,000 jobs required for nuclear new build by 2015.

Jean Llewellyn Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear commented:

“The UK nuclear industry is a significant sector in the UK economy, with more than 200 companies and 44,000 employees.  The sector has the potential to increase to 54,000 employees by 2016 to meet the growing needs of the energy policies.  The National Nuclear Gateway Project will help ensure that the UK has the right skills at the right time to deliver the nuclear programme as planned.

This project was led by our employer members who represent 80% of the industry in the UK, ensuring real employer ownership, sustainability and success of the project outcomes which will far reach beyond the 2 year period of the GIF investment funding.  I would like to officially thank all of the employers who committed time and investment into this bid.”

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