ONR improvement notice on AWE

There has been national and regional media coverage relating to an Improvement Notice served by the Office for Nuclear Regulation ONR on AWE.

Our full statement released to the media was:

“ONR served AWE with an Improvement Notice on 8 November, after a scheduled inspection in August by AWE discovered an unexpected area of corrosion on structural steelwork in one of their manufacturing facilities at Aldermaston.

“ONR investigated, and found that AWE had not fully complied with Licence Condition 28(1) in so far as its arrangements to examine, maintain and inspect the structure were not adequate to prevent the degradation of the structure, and the resulting challenge to its nuclear safety functions.

“The Improvement Notice required AWE to ensure that the structure is repaired such that its safety function is fully restored.

“Details of the Improvement Notice will be published to HSE’s enforcement database in early February. Full details of the issue giving rise to the Notice and explaining ONR’s decision will be published to the ONR website at the same time.”

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