Next steps for UK nuclear energy – seminar

A seminar on next steps for nuclear funding safety and new build will take place Central London on 23 April.

This seminar will be a timely opportunity to examine the future of nuclear power generation in the UK.

It takes place at a crucial time for the industry and the direction of policy, as negotiations “focused on finding a fair, affordable deal, which represents value for money for consumers” continue between DECC and EDF over final investment decisions on the proposed plant at Hinkley Point, and follows recent developments, such as:

  • A further setback for new build as Centrica announces, due to increasing costs and delays, it has pulled out of plans to build new nuclear reactors in the UK;
  • Issues surrounding the long-term underground disposal of high-level radioactive waste in the UK following Cumbria County Council’s decision to veto plans to proceed to full-scale preliminary planning for a repository; and
  • The Government’s publication of its Nuclear Supply Chain Action Plan, whose aims include maximising the UK nuclear sector’s impact on economic activity and growth, boosting job creation in the industry and raising awareness across the supply chain of nuclear sector opportunities.

The conference includes keynote presentations from John Hayes MP, Minister of State for Energy, Department of Energy and Climate Change; Nigel Knee, Head of Nuclear Policy, EDF Energy; Jean Llewellyn, Chief Executive, National Skills Academy for Nuclear; Keith Parker, Chief Executive, Nuclear Industry Association and Baroness Worthington, Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change.

Further topics for discussion include:

  • The financial challenges for the nuclear industry and the Government’s role in incentivising new build;
  • Addressing the practical challengesof design, assessment and planning regulations facing new build in the UK;
  • Developing a skilled workforcethat is able to deliver new build in the UK;
  • The continued issues surrounding nuclear safety in the UK and latest developments in progress to ensure the secure and safe disposalof nuclear waste generated; and
  • Looking beyond current plans for new build and the long-term prospects for nuclear power in the UK.

The seminar is organised on the basis of strict impartiality by the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum.

You can book your place and see the agenda here.