Oldbury generator transformer on the move

The first large item of plant, a generator tranformer, has been taken off Oldbury site as part of the Magnox decommissioning programme.

During operation, the generator transformer played a vital role in converting the electrical output from the station to make it suitable for distribution to homes and businesses across the UK.

Mike Heaton, Oldbury Site Director said: “The completion of this project safely and ahead of schedule marks the first successful step in consigning major waste items from Oldbury.  Income from recycling the scrap metal will help pay for the UK nuclear decommissioning programme.”

The transformer weighs in at over 170 tonnes, contains more than 30 tonnes of copper and around 120 tonnes of steel, measuring over four metres high, nine metres long and four metres wide.

Following detailed preparation work, the transformer was transferred to Sharpness Docks on a specialist low-loader where it will be sent for recycling.

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