Technical catalogue for Fukushima

With the clean-up at Fukushima Daiichi progressing, the Japanese government have issued another request for technologies from overseas to be included in their national catalogue of technologies.

Although this is not the only method of providing support to the Fukushima clean-up effort, it is important to be included in this catalogue if you wish your technologies to be considered as part of the national programme of work at Fukushima.

Dr Keith Franklin will deliver a webinar from UKTI in Tokyo to explain the purpose of the catalogue, and to provide a brief on current developments in Japan. He will also be available to answer questions.

In order to understand the level of detail required, examples of submissions can be viewed at the end of these presentations.

Development of Investigative Technology for Inside Containment Vessels

Development of Leak Location Identification Technology for Containment Vessels




Please note that spaces for the webinar are limited, so please register at the following address as soon as possible to avoid disappointment:




Once registered, you will receive joining instructions with a link to the webinar room 24 hours in advance of the webinar.

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