Sizewell C stage 1 consultation

The Sizewell C New Nuclear Build team shared preliminary feedback from the Stage 1 consultation at the project’s Community Forum.

Community representatives and other stakeholders from the area around Sizewell gathered for the second formal meeting last night at the Sizewell sports and social club in Leiston.

Community representatives heard that 1,300 people had responded to the first round of public consultation on Sizewell C, more than twice the amount that responded to the Hinkley Point C stage 1 consultation in Somerset.   Analysis of the feedback is continuing, but some themes have emerged already. These include:

  • Overall  support for EDF Energy’s accommodation strategy  including a range of views on  location, size and number of  the campus accommodation sites
  • On transport there was widespread support for use of  transport methods that reduce traffic impacts  including use of park and ride for workers and sea and rail for delivering construction materials
  • Of the three road improvement options that were proposed for Farnham, there was wide support for the bypass option, although many respondents thought that a full four village bypass was necessary. There was a general desire to see further information and proposals on transport issues.

The group heard that work continues to analyse the results and this early feedback was to highlight the emerging themes from this first stage of consultation.

Stephen Walls, the new Head of the Sizewell C project was introduced at the meeting.  Stephen takes over from Angela Piearce who has now taken on a senior role within EDF Energy’s Corporate Policy team.   He said: “It was good to meet so many parish councillors at the Community Forum.   It provided a good opportunity to share early feedback from the first stage of consultation on a variety of areas ranging from the location of visitor centres through to the transport strategy.”

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