Ensuring safety, security and safeguards in nuclear

Opportunities and challenges of a co-ordinated approach is the topic of a 1 day meeting at UCLAN June 12th 2013.

Nuclear power is an emotive subject and people hold a wide range of views on the use of the technology. However, it is recognised that if nuclear energy is to be used to generate electricity, it must be safe and nuclear materials must be secure.

The global expansion of nuclear power will require the consent of the public and this will only be obtained when they have confidence in the technology, its operators and regulators. The protection that society demands requires the successful delivery of nuclear safety, nuclear security and non-proliferation safeguards. Designers, operators and regulators need to understand the interfaces between nuclear safety, security and safeguards and the potential synergies if society is to have confidence in this technology.

The effective coordination and management of the three “S” is increasingly being recognised by the nuclear community as an important enabler for the successful use of nuclear power. Previously, the safety of facilities, the security of both nuclear facilities and materials and the need to prevent proliferation through safeguards have been treated as essentially separate issues. The advantages and necessity of ensuring the separate requirements are not in conflict has become apparent, and interest in the relationship between them and their interfaces has been gathering pace globally.

The aim of this conference is to stimulate thinking about the interfaces between safety, security and safeguards in design, operation and regulation and how the requirements can be better coordinated in current and in future programmes.

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