ONR report on RWMD work

The Office for Nuclear Regulation ONR and the Environment Agency EA have published the latest summary of their ongoing scrutiny of the work of the NDA’s Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD).

The summary covers the period April 2010 to March 2012.

Both regulatory bodies scrutinise, and advise on, the work of RWMD relating to the implementation of geological disposal, including the work undertaken by RWMD to provide advice to nuclear site operators on the packaging of higher activity waste for disposal.

In the report, the regulators set out the areas of RWMD’s work they have examined and the key messages provided to RWMD.

RWMD’s Safety and Environment Director, Peter Lock said:

“It is very encouraging to note the regulators considered that “RWMD’s generic Disposal System Safety Case provides confidence, to a degree appropriate at this early stage in implementing geological disposal, that a safety case for a geological disposal facility in the UK could be made, providing a suitable site is available” and also that “RWMD has made good progress towards developing as a prospective Site Licence Company”. The regulators have provided us with valuable advice, which we are responding to help ensure our ongoing work meets regulatory requirements and expectations.”

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