VELA alliance wins Magnox contract

AMEC announces that the VELA alliance comprising AMEC and Jacobs Engineering Group has been awarded a contract by Magnox Limited to provide project management capability for the company’s UK nuclear decommissioning programme.

Under the three-year ‘Project Management Resource Partnership’ contract, the value of which has not been announced, VELA will provide senior project managers to assist in the planning and delivery of the decommissioning of the 10 Magnox sites.

Also as part of the contract, VELA will gain access to a highly skilled pool of talent from within Magnox with which to augment and develop its teams of experts serving the wider nuclear industry.  VELA and Magnox will work closely together to undertake skills development and provide coaching opportunities.

“Safely delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for customers is AMEC’s primary focus and we are delighted to be working in a strong partnership to achieve that,” said Clive White, President of AMEC Clean Energy Europe.  “The Project Management Resource Partnership is an important development for us in supporting Magnox during their transition from nuclear power generation to care and maintenance.”

Magnox Director of Projects, Peter Burns, said: “This agreement is a unique opportunity for the three companies to work in an innovative way and give Magnox the opportunity to balance its resourcing requirement for both the long- and short-term, while investing in long-term career opportunities for our staff. Our aim is the retention of skills within the entire nuclear industry and this agreement will play a key role in achieving that aim.”