Response to Nuclear Waste Row article

The NDA has issued the following statement following yesterday’s (17 June 2013) article in the Guardian: Only Way is Essex: Nuclear Waste Row

As a public body, the NDA has a duty to deliver value for money. Moreover, all nuclear site operators have a regulatory requirement to optimise site operations.

There is no proposal to ‘dump’ radioactive waste at Bradwell or at any other NDA-owned site. Our first decommissioning priority is hazard reduction, which includes the safe, secure and environmentally responsible interim storage of Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) until geological disposal becomes available.

Currently, the plan is to build an interim storage facility at each Magnox reactor site to store the ILW from that site. A number of interim stores have already been constructed, with several more stores planned. In the interests of value for money to the taxpayer, we are exploring whether there is a business case for reducing the number of new stores that need to be built. There could also be environmental benefits from building fewer stores. The option of storing ILW from a small number of other sites at Bradwell, which already has an ILW store, is one of a number of options under consideration.

Our intention to explore the potential benefits of building fewer interim storage facilities was first made public in our Strategy published in 2011, on which we engaged widely and consulted publicly. We are engaging openly and transparently with stakeholders on the options under consideration and will consult on our preferred option(s) at the appropriate time. Furthermore, any decision that requires a change to existing storage plans will require consultation and local planning permission.