WANO visit success at Sellafield

Reviewing Sellafield Ltd’s operations, practices and procedures to achieve the highest possible standards of nuclear safety is what the World Association of Nuclear Operators, (WANO) do best.

When a team of 10 peer reviewers arrived from the WANO Paris centre to carry out a follow up review on Magnox East River (MER) which incorporates the Fuel Handling Plant and Site Ion Exchange Plant, the Sellafield team were waiting to discover how they ranked their performance.

Stuart Pearson, head of Magnox East River (MER), Sellafield Ltd explained: “The scope of this review was a follow up to a previous visit which we hosted back in 2011.

“On their last visit to us, the WANO team identified 21 areas for improvement (AFIs) and the output from this visit was to give us a comparison of MERs current performance with that of 2011.”

WANO use a range of methods to gather evidence to underpin their conclusions, including observations of activities in the field, interviewing staff members and checking documentation and processes.

The AFIs are wide ranging, looking at different areas such as, personnel behaviours, how investigations are carried out, training, and the storage of chemicals.

Stuart added: “We demonstrated progress against all 21 AFIs, with the majority receiving ‘B’s and none receiving a classification of ‘D’. We received an ‘A’ for how we carry out investigations and identify root causes. This is an outstanding achievement.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have led on the improvements, the teams who have embraced and embedded the changes and everyone who has been involved in the many different ways which made the follow up visit itself a resounding success.

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