Doosan Babcok and Magnox sign staff transfer protocol

magnox 150A protocol for the transfer of employees from Magnox to Doosan Babcock Limited has been agreed by the two companies.

This is one of a number of agreements established between Magnox and various external organisations, to provide staff with career opportunities outside the company as it reduces numbers of employees in line with its optimised decommissioning programme.

All ten Magnox sites will be brought to a state of „care and maintenance? by the end of 2027 when all electricity generation has ended, all the nuclear fuel has been safely removed from the reactors and the radioactive wastes have been safely packaged and stored.

Doosan Babcock is a specialist in the provision of aftermarket and upgrade services to the global power generation industry, including essential fabrication services and operational support to the nuclear power sector. The company is also a leading investor in the development of training and essential skills for the UK?s engineering construction industry. This commitment to people, combined with a determination to deliver high-quality products and services to the highest standards of safety presents excellent opportunities for Magnox staff who wish to continue their careers in the nuclear industry.

By carefully managing the release of staff, Magnox will be able to retain essential skills for as long as they are needed whilst still providing career opportunities for its employees.

Commenting on the protocol agreement, Andy Hunt, Managing Director of Doosan Babcock, said: “We have committed sustained investment in people, facilities and tooling to support the development of the UK?s nuclear industry for more than half a century. Our focus on providing operational services to the UK fleet, as well as playing a key role in large-scale nuclear projects, means that we are always looking for dedicated and experienced staff. This agreement with Magnox will be extremely valuable in helping us resource Doosan Babcock?s continued growth in the nuclear sector.”

Neil Baldwin, Managing Director of Magnox Ltd said: “The managed transfer of staff is a vital part of our plans as we move through the transition from generation into decommissioning and through to care and maintenance.

“Whilst it is clear that the future of Magnox – beyond the next five years – is all about decommissioning, this type of agreement provides options for our employees who see their future in nuclear power and electricity generation.”

To date around 30 people have been placed in roles outside Magnox as a result of the various transfer protocols. The types of roles which might be identified as part of the Doosan agreement include (but are not limited to) engineering roles, waste processing roles, project managers, project controls roles, safety professionals and safety case writers/authors.

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