Rolls-Royce joins NuScale for SMR

rolls royce 200Rolls-Royce has announced that it is supporting US-based NuScale Power LLC in its submission to the United States Department of Energy’s (US DOE) funding opportunity announcement to bring scalable, small modular reactor technology to market by 2025.

The development of clean and affordable nuclear power options is a key element of the DOE Nuclear Energy Research and Development Roadmap. High priority is placed upon accelerating timelines for the commercialization and deployment of small modular reactor (SMR) technologies through its SMR Licensing Technical Support program.

Jason Smith, President – Nuclear, Rolls-Royce said: “Rolls-Royce is pleased to support NuScale Power in its submission to the US DOE Small Reactor Development Program. Rolls-Royce has a large US manufacturing footprint and a rich 50-year nuclear heritage spanning reactor and component design and manufacture through to operational support, obsolescence management and plant life extension.

“The combination of skills and experience that sits within both organizations is world class and proven across the global energy sector. We will now work hard to win the privilege to support the DOE in realizing its goals through the development of the SMR programme.”

The latest US DOE funding opportunity announcement is focused on optimizing small modular reactor efficiency, operations and designs through innovative and effective solutions for enhanced safety, operations and performance. The US DoE aims to solicit proposals for cost-shared small modular reactor projects that have the potential to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and achieve commercial operation around 2025.

NuScale Power has developed unique and proprietary break-through technology for an innovative, simple, safe, economic, and scalable small modular reactor. Using proven light water reactor technology, the NuScale Power Module is cooled by natural circulation, is entirely self-contained and is installed underwater and underground to maximize safety.

Rolls-Royce has significant nuclear skills, a large existing nuclear supply chain and a long-standing presence in a number of key phases of the nuclear programme. These skills include providing advice to governments and operators, supply chain management and manufacturing and technical engineering support.