MSSS topping out ceremony

sellafield logoAs is the tradition when a construction project of any merit is completed, a topping out ceremony has been held for the completion of the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo (MSSS) Seismic Restraint Tower at Sellafield Ltd.

The £3m tower will provide the legacy 50-year old MSSS with seismic strengthening whilst it is undergoing decommissioning.

Project manager Ian Cowan, Sellafield Ltd said: “This is a totally unique project which has had its challenges.  The tower was built in a highly secure area, with severe space restrictions and radiation levels that required a mobile shield in place to protect the workforce.”

Construction of the 15 metre high tower began in 2012 and started with the excavation of some 300-400 tonnes of earth and spoil.  The tower was built out of 100 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 500 cubic metres of concrete, and weighs more than 1200 tonnes.

The largest single pour of self compacting concrete in the UK was undertaken involving five wagons delivering 42 consecutive loads totalling 252 cubic metres concrete over a ten hour period to the construction site.

Joe Rafferty, Sir Robert MacAlpine project manager said: “Sir Robert McAlpine has been proud to be involved in the successful construction seismic restraint tower.  We are particularly proud to record that the whole project, which has involved over 50,000 manhours of physical site work, has been carried out without a single Lost Time Accident.”

The second £2m phase of the contract will be completed in a year’s time, when the tower is tied-in to the MSSS second extension.

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