ONR nuclear research needs for the UK

ONR logo 150The 2013 Nuclear Research Needs (NRN) is ONR’s considered opinion on the need for nuclear safety and/or security-related research within the UK nuclear industry.  It covers all areas within ONR’s regulatory remit.

The NRN replaces the Nuclear Research Index, which historically only covered reactor sites, and delivers on commitments made to review the scope and content of this index.

The NRN provides a benchmark against which ONR can assess the adequacy of the research being undertaken by the industry, assists the industry in planning their research programmes and demonstrates to stakeholders that we are performing our function as a regulator in ensuring that adequate research is undertaken.

The NRN comprises two parts: Part 1, a high-level summary stating why there is a need for research split by operational specialism and Part 2, which provides the detail of the research projects that ONR believes need to be carried out.

You can access the full NRN here

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