Japanese request for technical assistance

IRID 150A new decommissioning body, the International Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning , has been formed in Japan.

International Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning (IRID)

Their remit is to look at the medium to long-term decommissioning of the Fukushima Dai-ichi site. Given the focus on contaminated water, they have been asked by the Japanese Government to conduct an initial formal ‘Request For Information (RFI)’ for technologies to remediate the situation.

Procedure for application download

Further information

Dr Keith Franklin, British Embassy, Tokyo  

Invitation to explanatory workshop – Warrington, UK – 10 October 2013

It is appreciated that this is very short notice. IRID representatives will visit the UK to explain their needs, the process, and meet UK companies who may have applicable solutions. You can ask IRID questions at a workshop.

The workshop (likely to be an all-day event) will be held at Risley, Warrington, UK, on Thursday 10 October. We await the travel plans of the Japanese side to confirm the times.

Spaces are limited.

To pre-register: send your name to matt.grainger@ukti.gsi.gov.uk by 17:00 Monday 7 October 2013

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