Magnox consortia final tenders

nda_logoThe four bidding consortia in the Magnox/RSRL competition have now been officially invited to submit their final tenders to the NDA. 

The Invitation to Submit Final Tenders (ITSFT) also marks the end of the nine-month information-gathering phase, where bidders were able to visit Magnox and RSRL sites, as well as take part in a series of formal face-to-face dialogue sessions with the NDA team. The dialogue process is designed to assist the bidders in preparing their tenders.

The new Parent Body Organisation (PBO) will take ownership of shares in the two Site Licence Companies and introduce a new senior management team to oversee decommissioning activities. The existing site workforces will remain in place.

Andrea Livesey, the NDA’s Competition Programme Manager, said:

“The formal dialogue period has concluded successfully, after a huge amount of time and effort by all parties. This really formed the crux of the competition process, enabling the participants to understand our requirements and secure the information needed to put their proposals together.”

Tenders must be submitted by early November and will be evaluated over four months before the identity of the Preferred Bidder is announced in March 2014. A subsequent period of transition will allow all legal processes and due diligence to be carried out, with the Share Transfer due to take place in September.

Currently valued at around £6-7 billion over 14 years, the contract represents one of the UK’s largest public procurement exercises.

The consortia are:

  • Reactor Site Solutions (Bechtel, EnergySolutions)
  • The Babcock Fluor Partnership
  • CAS Restoration Partnership (CH2M Hill, Areva, Serco)
  • UK Nuclear Restoration Ltd (AMEC, Atkins, Rolls Royce)

The two-year competition process, launched in July last year, is being managed in compliance with EU procurement regulations.