NuGen welcomes Hinkley C deal

nugen_logo 200NuGen has acknowledged the positive impact news of a deal between Government and EDF has on the UK’s new nuclear build aspirations.

NuGen’s executive directors, Robert Zadora and Manuel Marco, welcomed the news of progress on the Hinkley C project – and the confidence it brings.

Manuel Marco said: “The news of the agreement between the UK Government and EDF Energy is important in sustaining confidence and momentum in Britain’s new nuclear build project. It underlines the importance of nuclear in the UK’s energy mix going forward.”

Robert Zadora said: “This is an extremely important and symbolic milestone in the journey to delivering new nuclear power stations for the UK. It shows progress and commitment, and gives potential investors in UK new nuclear more clarity, and a welcomed boost.”

NuGen is progressing well with its site assessments and technology choice, as it gains increased momentum in developing a robust business case for its Moorside project in West Cumbria.

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