Major projects and programmes reporting

nda_logoNDA has published a pilot report covering a number of major projects and programmes. The intention is to give stakeholders greater visibility on the major projects and programmes that are strategically important for our mission.

The first version of the Priority Programme Report is a pilot which looks at six major projects or programmes: four at Sellafield; one for the Magnox sites; and one for Dounreay.

The report covers progress against the current lifetime plan of the relevant site, with targets and objectives aligned to the NDA’s annual Business Plan.

PDF Pilot priority programme report October 2013 (200Kb)

The intention is to publish the report every six months and the NDA will consider which further projects and programmes will be included in future reports after taking account of feedback received from the pilot. The NDA welcomes feedback on the presentation of the data in the pilot report. Comments can be sent to mailto: