BEPPS progress

sellafield logoThe Box Encapsulation Plant Product Store, Direct Import Facility project team at Sellafield Ltd are rightly celebrating their achievement in progressing the programme to strip out equipment from the BEPPS facility. 

The programme was successfully completed, six weeks ahead of schedule, with the removal and off site transportation of two 48.5 tonne cranes.

Commenting on this fantastic accomplishment, Eleanor Billson, Project manager, Sellafield Ltd said: “The two cranes were installed into the BEPPS facility about 12 years ago, but had never been commissioned.

“As the two cranes no longer meet with modern standards a decision had to be taken to either buy new cranes or refurbish the cranes originally installed. The project team were tasked with carrying out a cost analysis which concluded that it would be more cost effective to remove and transport the cranes to Wellman Booth, their original suppliers for refurbishment, rather than to purchase two new cranes.

“Once dismantled the cranes and supporting equipment were loaded onto six lorry transporters and transported to Wellman Booth’s facility at Gateshead.

“I am extremely proud of the way the project has quietly and conscientiously carried out this phase of the project, but in particular would like to say a big thank you to BEPPS sub team.”

When completed the project will provide an import and above ground storage facility for containerised Intermediate Level Waste (ILW). The project acts as an enabler for the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo and supports the sites high hazard and decommissioning mission.

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