NuGen focuses on high standards of environmental performance

nugen_logo 200NuGen is working closely with key stakeholders to establish high standards of environmental performance – as it progresses its plans to develop up to 3.6GW of new nuclear as part of its Moorside project in Cumbria.

And NuGen’s Head of Environment, Thierry Robot is moving forward in collaboration with bodies including The Environment Agency and Natural England to establish NuGen’s environmental credentials – and to ensure NuGen meets, and exceeds established standards of environmental performance.

“NuGen has signed contracts with leading UK company Amec, for environmental support for our forthcoming site works, and to carry out ecological and ornithological studies. We are also busy having regular discussions with local authorities in West Cumbria, and with the regulators to ensure we have the highest standards of care for the environment,” said Thierry.

NuGen has completed first-stage ecological surveys at the Moorside site and is continuing with fauna and flora surveys. The company is also preparing specifications for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  – a major milestone on the journey for permission to build a nuclear power station at Moorside.

Thierry, along with other NuGen colleagues, has been involved in regional initiatives in West Cumbria. He recently attended a workshop at Ennerdale examining the habitat of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel. One of the UK’s biggest colonies of the species is found at the nearby River Ehen, close to Sellafield and the Moorside site.

“We will be working hard to ensure we work closely with stakeholders on important environmental issues, and to ensure we are part of the solution for protecting the environment,” he added.

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