Nuclear Future needs new reviewers

Nuclear_Institute 150Nuclear Institute magazine Nuclear Future is looking to expand its database of reviewers.

You are no doubt familiar with the Nuclear Institute’s house journal Nuclear Future and appreciative of the high standard of technical knowledge imparted through its contents. This is achieved through a number of technical experts who peer review all technical articles to ensure a high level of verification and validation as well as a degree of innovation and forward development.

However the NI is always keen to expand its database of reviewers particularly in the following general categories:-

  • Nuclear Reactor Technology
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technology
  • Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
  • Nuclear Safety
  • Nuclear Security
  • Non-proliferation Safeguards
  • Nuclear Construction
  • Nuclear Project Management & Controls
  • Quality Management/Quality Assurance
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Technologies
  • Radioactive Waste Management

And also in the following technical categories:-

  • Reactor Physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat Transfer/Fluid Flow
  • Material Science
  • Nuclear Chemistry

Please note that this invitation is open to all persons with nuclear expertise, whether or not they are members of the Nuclear Institute.

To allay any fear that volunteering will result in an avalanche of papers to review please note that Nuclear Future is a bi-monthly publication and issues are themed.

Forthcoming issues will be themed on the following topics:-








May/June 2014

New Build & ConstructionProject Management and Challenges for the Future

Early February

Early March


July/Aug 2014

The Engineering of Decommissioning & Radioactive Waste Management/Disposal

Early April

Early May


Sept/Oct 2014

Licensing & Regulation

Early June

Early July


Nov/Dec 2014

Plant Life Extension and Research & Development

Early August

Early September


Jan/Feb 2015

Research Reactors

Early October

Early November


March/April 2015

Radioactive Waste Disposal

Early December

Early January


May/June 2015

Transport of Radioactive Material

Early February

Early March

Of course if you or a colleague would wish to submit a paper for inclusion in any of the above issues, please do send a synopsis for consideration by the Nuclear Future Editorial Committee to the Technical Editor.

All offers to be an expert reviewer and/or submit an article should in the first instance be sent to the Technical Editor at with your name, whether or not you are a member of the Nuclear Institute, the relevant categories of expertise and a short biography or CV.