Hazards Awareness Handbook for EDF Energy

Frazer NashFrazer-Nash has developed a Hazards Awareness Handbook for EDF Energy in response to the findings of a Safety Case Reliability Project.

One of the aims of the Safety Case Reliability Project was to identify any areas where the power station systems or equipment might not support the safety case claims in the way originally intended.  This could happen if a hazard were to occur and the plant not behave as assumed in the safety case, or if the safety case claims were not met by the operational plant configuration.

An important part in mitigating this risk is to ensure that staff continually improve their knowledge through reinforcement of the key messages.  This can be done by in a number of means, in this instance a handbook to reinforce knowledge of the potential hazards, provide guidance to staff on how to identify them and work to minimise or remove the risk as part of everyday work.  This involves, documenting, understanding and communicating the hazards to staff on a continual basis.

For this purpose, Frazer-Nash produced a handbook targeted specifically at station and safety case Engineers throughout EDF Energy. The handbook is not prescriptive but is designed to prompt a questioning attitude based on an understanding of the key elements of a hazards safety case. Particular emphasis was placed on the on-going need to manage the risk on site, rather than just addressing the technology aspects.

Specific aspects covered by the handbook include:

  • Reinforcing understanding on how safety case protection and prevention measures against hazards could be undermined.
  • Clarifying how aspects of the hazard safety case relate to EDF Energy’s Nuclear Safety Principles.
  • Communicating the structure of a hazards safety case with particular emphasis on the need to identify equipment qualification requirements relating to hazards.
  • Enhancing the understanding that hazard safety cases are ultimately about not just identifying and analysing the nature of the hazard but also the about the arrangements for managing the risks arising from hazards.

The handbook, together with the training and mentoring that already exists across EDF Energy, provides further enhancements to the strong safety culture that is present within the organisation and supply chain.  The Hazards Awareness Handbook will play a key role in strengthening the knowledge base of EDF Energy staff and ultimately further improving the safety of nuclear power generation.

Steve Ferroni, Business Manager at Frazer-Nash, said: “We were able to use our extensive experience of the nuclear sector and our technical expertise to deliver EDF Energy with a solution in response to the findings of the Safety Case Reliability Project.”

For further information on Frazer-Nash please visit www.fnc.co.uk.

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