Horizon 2020 is open for business

horizon 2020 logo 200If you run a business or are an academic brimming with innovative ideas you can now take advantage of the largest ever EU Research and Innovation funding programme with an available budget of €79bn.
With the emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges, Horizon 2020’s goal is to ensure Europe produces world-class science, removes barriers to innovation and makes it easier for the public and private sectors to work together in delivering innovation.
The EURATOM programme budget will be divided between fission, safety & radioprotection (€315 million), fusion excluding ITER (€728 million) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) ( €560 million). The budget also includes money earmarked for specific activities of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP).
Horizon 2020 is open to everyone, with a simpler structure than previous programmes – reducing red tape and time so that participants can focus on what is really important. This approach helps new projects to get off the ground quickly – and achieve results faster. Thanks to its healthy budget Horizon 2020 offers UK businesses and researchers important opportunities to find finance, networks and partnerships for innovation.