Magnox strategy – contingency options paper

nda_logoNDA has published a paper setting out high level contingency options for managing spent Magnox fuel in the event of unexpected and irreversible failure of the Magnox reprocessing capability.

The NDA strategy document of 2011 made a commitment to analyse contingency options for the management of the Magnox Operating Programme (MOP 9) inventory.

PDF Magnox Fuel Strategy Contingency Options January 2014 (200Kb)

This document summarises the outcome of that analysis and presents the strategic position with respect to Magnox contingency arrangements. The Magnox Fuel Strategy Position Paper published in July 2012 re-affirmed the NDA’s position that no case-for-change exists with regard to the Magnox strategy and that the NDA remained committed to the delivery of MOP 9. However, the NDA highlighted that completion of reprocessing of the MOP inventory carried risk. Accordingly the NDA has been working with Site Licensees and Regulators for a number of years to develop a range of contingency options capable of managing the MOP inventory on an interim basis.

To provide appropriate coverage to the broad range of potential outcomes attention has focussed on three key areas:

1. the development of fuel drying and dry storage technology

2. the case for extended interim wet storage

3. the case for extended in-reactor storage.

The progress made in these areas has been significant and all are considered feasible options capable of contributing to the safe interim management of spent Magnox fuel. Investment in these activities is judged to be at a level commensurate with the level of risk associated with the successful completion of the MOP itself and those risks present in the wider NDA estate. An annual review of the delivery performance of the MOP and the status of the Magnox strategy will be undertaken starting March 2014.