Dungeness ‘A’ severs the link

magnox 150Demolition work at Dungeness A stepped up a gear recently when the link between the two iconic reactor buildings and the site’s conventional plant was removed.

The second of the site’s two link bridges, which were essential during the site’s 40 years of electricity generation, have been taken down isolating the turbine hall and surrounding buildings ready for demolition.

Specialist contractor Erith removed each bridge in three sections, each weighing around seven tonnes. The first was completed in December 2013 and, following a short delay because of weather conditions, the second bridge was removed last weekend.

Dungeness A Site Director, Paul Wilkinson, said: “This is a symbolic moment for everyone in Magnox. The reactor buildings were at the heart of our operation for decades. But with all fuel now removed from the site, and with it more than 99 per cent of the radiological hazard, our current focus is to safely progress demolition of the turbine hall and surrounding conventional buildings.”

The work is part of a £12.8 million project to clear the south side of the site within a three-year period, rather than 15 years as was originally planned. Speaking when the funding was announced in 2012, David Batters, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Chief Finance Officer, said: “The accelerated demolition work will deliver significant major savings in the long term, while demonstrating visible progress in decommissioning the site.”

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