Voice of the Supply Chain questionnaire

sellafield logoSellafield Ltd is constantly striving to improve its business model and considers Supply Chain feedback to be a key factor in learning from experience.

The Voice of the Supply Chain questionnaire is intended to reach out to firms who are currently providing products and/or services, either directly or indirectly, to Sellafield Ltd and are therefore part our Supply Chain.

Ideally the questionnaire should be completed by a representatives of your firm who has direct experience of ‘doing business with Sellafield’ (Senior Manager).

The questionnaire should only take 5 minutes to complete and the information will be treated in strict confidence.

On behalf of Sellafield Ltd may we take the opportunity to thank you for your feedback.

Stuart Wilson – Sellafield Ltd Supply Chain Ombudsman Stephen Scott – Commercial Directorate

Here is a link to the questionnaire:


Thanks for your participation!

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