NDA publishes 2014 to 2017 Business Plan

nda_logoThe Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has published its 2014-17 Business Plan which sets out its delivery priorities for the period as it continues to focus on accelerating hazard reduction across its 17-site estate. 

The total planned expenditure for 2014/15 is £3.2 billion of which £2.2 billion will be funded by the UK Government and £1.0 billion by income from commercial operations.

John Clarke, NDA Chief Executive Officer said:

“As I have said in the past, Sellafield is by far the most complex and challenging site in our portfolio. During 2014/15 we expect to see continuing progress on the downstream plants in supporting the preparations for retrieval of hazardous wastes within Legacy Ponds and Silos. We will continue to monitor performance closely and remain focused on achieving our goal of safe, effective, value for money decommissioning at Sellafield.

“After a two year process our competition team has completed the evaluation of the final tenders for the ownership of the Site Licence Companies, Magnox Ltd and RSRL with the Cavendish Fluor Partnership now confirmed as Preferred Bidder. Progress at Magnox sites has continued and this year will see the completion of defuelling activities at Sizewell. At Bradwell, the site is scheduled to enter into the Care and Maintenance phase in 2015, some 12 years earlier than originally planned.

“This year will see the start of the third year of the Dounreay target cost contract where we expect to see further progress. Overall, it is on target to deliver the benefits originally forecast, meeting all the milestones to date while taking on additional work anticipated but not specified at the time of the competition.

“I am pleased to announce that as of 1st April 2014, the Radioactive Waste Management Directorate of the NDA has been established as a wholly owned subsidiary and is now known as Radioactive Waste Management Limited. We will continue to support the UK Government in its Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) programme, working closely with interested communities and other stakeholders.”

PDF NDA Business Plan financial year beginning April 2014 to financial year ending March 2017 (2Mb)