Winfrith Supplier Day

RSRL 150As the final phase of work on Winfrith’s most famous reactor moves forward, suppliers are being invited to find out about opportunities for £40-60 million of contract work on Supplier Briefing Day 24 April.

The Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor was one of the most important and successful experimental reactors in UK nuclear history, the only one of the site’s nine experimental reactors to generate electricity for the national grid. It was also the only water-cooled reactor ever to be built in the UK, its cooling towers becoming the Dorset’s site most recognisable landmark.

Removal of the highly active reactor core, together with segmentation and construction of an ILW export facility, will be the site’s largest contract.  Details about the scope of work and opportunities available will be presented at The Supplier Briefing Day on 24 April, at Kingston Maunward College, Dorchester, Dorset, from 9am-3pm. The event is aimed at raising awareness of the requirements and the process for awarding the contract, expected to be placed in July 2015.

On the day, Suppliers will be able to engage with representatives from Research Sites Restoration Ltd, which operates the site, to understand the opportunities in greater detail. The project is anticipated to last three-four years and will make a significant contribution to helping Winfrith towards its 2021 closure date.

More information on the contract opportunity: