Jobs at Hinkley ‘C’

edf energy 150The Hinkley C brokerage is an initiative by EDF Energy to match people interested in working on the nuclear power station project with the latest jobs and training on offer.

Over 25,000 job opportunities are set to be created during the construction phase of Hinkley Point C and the brokerage will be key in helping Somerset people access suitable roles. Once completed, the power station would provide 900 full-time jobs over its 60 years of operation and generate enough low carbon electricity for 5 million homes.

To date around 2,000 people have registered their interest in jobs in a wide range of areas including facilities management, security, logistics, administration and general construction work.

EDF Energy is fully committed to helping people from Somerset benefit from the employment and skills opportunities that the Hinkley Point C project will bring. In addition to establishing the brokerage the company is investing well over £10 million in education, training and skills development across the county.

Jennifer Sandy, employment and skills manager for the Hinkley Point C Brokerage said: “The brokerage is a fantastic way for Somerset people to access employment opportunities on what will be one of the largest and most exciting engineering projects in Europe.”

To register with the EDF Employment Brokerage and receive project updates and hear about employment opportunities you can send an email to or call 01278 436132.

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