New website launched for radioactive waste inventory

nda_logoA new user-friendly NDA website has been launched to accompany the recent publication of information on the UK stocks of radioactive waste.

The aim behind the revamp of is to use jargon-free language and clear graphics to help explain more about radioactive waste in the UK. The new website presents information that can be understood by a wide range of web users, including those with technical and non-technical backgrounds.

The UK Radioactive Waste Inventory (UKRWI) 2013 contains details of radioactive waste and nuclear materials currently held across the country, as well as waste that is expected to arise in future from the operation of sites and decommissioning activities.

Along with the documents recording waste volumes, the website provides clear, detailed information about radioactivity, how waste is classified, how it is treated and disposed of.
Beth Ripper, NDA National Waste Inventory Manager, said:

“We hope the new site will appeal to all levels of interest and help to de-mystify many of the issues around how radioactive waste arises, what volumes exist and how the waste is dealt with.”

The main source of radioactive waste in the UK is the nuclear power industry, where the legacy of waste material stretches back to the post-war period. Other sources include defence activities, medical establishments and industrial applications.

The latest UKRWI update is based on a detailed stock-take in 2013, when the UK sites that produce waste submit their raw data. This is followed by a comprehensive programme to collate the information before drafting the reports, which include a high-level summary, waste quantities from all sources, radioactive waste composition and radioactivity content of the waste.