ONR consults on Safety Assessment Principles

ONR new 200ONR has launched a consultation on changes proposed to Safety Assessment Principles, the highest-level internal guidance provided to inspectors on assessing nuclear safety. 

In his report into the implications for the UK nuclear industry of the 2011 Fukushima accident, ONR’s Chief Nuclear Inspector recommended a formal review of ONR’s Safety Assessment Principles (SAPs).  The SAPs are ONR’s highest-level internal guidance to our inspectors for assessing safety.  The review concluded that while no urgent changes were required, the SAPs should nevertheless be updated to reflect both learning from Fukushima and wider changes in the industry since the SAPs were last revised in 2006.

Following extensive work by ONR inspectors, other regulators such as Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator, and other government departments, the project to revise the SAPs is now nearing completion, and proposals for an update have been drafted.  Recognising that our safety assessment standards are important to the wider nuclear industry, ONR is offering site licence holders, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties an opportunity to comment on our proposals.

We are specifically interested in views on whether the changes adequately address:

a)     learning from the Fukushima accident;

b)     developments in international nuclear safety standards and relevant good practices since 2006.

Our proposed changes can be found in a set of consultation documents on our consultations page. Details of how to provide comments is also available. The window for commenting on our proposals will last for eight weeks, and will close on 11 August.

Although we cannot respond to all individual comments, in line with our policy of openness and transparency we are committed to publishing a summary of the relevant comments received, along with our responses, at a later date.


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