Sizewell ‘A’ defuelling less than 20 flasks to go

magnox 150Sizewell A moved one step closer to completing its defuelling after staff at the Magnox site removed the final spent fuel from its twin reactors.

Around 3,000 of the 52,945 fuel elements, left when the station shut down at the end of 2006, remain in the site?s cooling ponds awaiting dispatch.

An estimated 17 further flask shipments are required to complete the defuelling phase and to prepare the site for ‘fuel free’ classification by the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

Tim Watkins, Site Director, said: “The team here has worked diligently to keep the fuelling machines running, making sure the defuelling programme continued safely and smoothly.

“We now face the task of dispatching the final flasks to Sellafield for reprocessing, in order to complete the job of removing 99 per cent of the site?s radioactive burden. Finishing this will be a momentous occasion in our history and our focus is now completing that work safely and efficiently.”

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