Statement on Dungeness B

edf energy 150EDF Energy statement on graphite bricks at Dungeness B nuclear power station in Kent.

Martin Pearson, Station Director, Dungeness B, said:

“The safety of the public and our employees is our overriding priority. EDF Energy takes a cautious approach, works closely with the regulator and operates with very conservative safety margins. We have stringent safety requirements. We carry out regular inspections, including of the graphite bricks that are part of the cores of the reactors.

“We work continuously with experts and UK universities to understand how materials in our nuclear reactors change over time and how that will affect the stations’ operations. We regularly refine our own safety assessments as we uncover new information. We share our findings with the regulator and with the wider scientific community. We also share them with the local community around each of our stations.

“Nuclear power provides the UK with almost 20% of its electricity, and EDF Energy is making big investments to safely extend the lives of its 15 nuclear reactors.”

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