Frazer Nash Structural Asssessment partnership

Frazer NashLeading engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash has been working in strategic partnership with EDF Energy to support component life assessment (CLA) work at its nuclear stations.

The work will support continued safe operation of the fleet in UK.

Frazer-Nash was selected based on their experience and expertise within the nuclear sector.  Working in partnership with EDF Energy, Frazer-Nash will support the activities of their Structural Integrity Branch (SIB).  The branch has overall responsibility for carrying out structural assessments to establish the safety of certain safety related components.   Component life assessment involves undertaking complex structural and materials analysis including high temperature creep-fatigue assessments.

As part of the SIB partnership, Frazer-Nash has invested in the development of its own capability. This will enable EDF Energy to benefit from flexible access to staff with the right knowledge and skills sets to ensure the efficient and successful delivery of the project.

Mark Stevens, Structures Group Leader at Frazer-Nash, said: “We have been working with EDF Energy for a number of years, providing structural analysis services. Our track record of 30 years within the nuclear sector means we can provide EDF Energy with a safe and optimal solution for component life assessments, which draws upon our specialist high temperature creep-fatigue assessment capabilities.”

The partnership has helped improve the efficiency of the component life assessment process without compromising safety.  It has also supported the development of specialist knowledge and capabilities within supplier organisations which in turn has helped EDF Energy with its strategic planning and running of operations.

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