Horizon Welcomes Regulatory Justification Progress

horizon-logoHorizon Nuclear Power has welcomed the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change’s positive draft decision regarding its chosen reactor technology, the Hitachi-GE UK ABWR.

The Secretary of State has provisionally concluded that use of the technology is Justified and that the benefits offered in terms of security of supply, carbon reduction and economic activity clearly outweigh any potential disadvantages. The draft decision has been made as part of the Regulatory Justification process, which is a legal requirement for new nuclear technology and is designed to ensure that the benefits to society of the UK ABWR outweigh any potential radiological health detriments.

Horizon Chief Operating Officer, Alan Raymant said: “This is an important step forward and we welcome the positive draft decision by the Secretary of State.”

“Alongside the good progress being made by our lead contractor Hitachi-GE on the Generic Design Assessment of the UK ABWR, it clearly demonstrates the strengths of our chosen technology and the wider benefits our multi-billion pound project will bring.”

The Regulatory Justification application was made by the Nuclear Industry Association in December 2013 with the support of Horizon and Hitachi-GE. The draft decision is now subject to a period of public consultation which will run until October and follows a previous round of consultation which was undertaken earlier this year.

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