Letter to American Nuclear Society on Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis

NucMattersI am asking you to please support the letter to the American Nuclear Society described below and to help get signature support from other nuclear professionals and supporters of nuclear energy worldwide.

Former Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy – USDOE and Past President of the American Nuclear Society, Dr. David Rossin is leading signature collection for a letter to be sent to the American Nuclear Society regarding actual biological response to low-dose radiation versus the much more restrictive Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis requirements imposed on nuclear power and uses of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine, etc.

Please go to the website for the letter: tedrockwellmemorial.org read the letter and give your signature support by filling in the form, if you agree. Select an affiliation from over 180 choices or use the generic affiliation FRIENDS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY/MEDICINE.

Invite every person you know who has reason to support nuclear power. The success of nuclear energy and uses of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine, etc. depends on changing excessively restricting and very costly radiation protection standards based on LNT and by having many signatures on this long overdue letter. Can you get 50 or more additional signatures? This is important for the use of nuclear energy and nuclear medicine worldwide and for the benefits of people everywhere.

You can see here a list of ANS Letter Signatories.