Nuclear decommissioning and waste management conference

aci 200ACI’s 2nd Nuclear Decommissioning & Waste Management Summit 18/19 February 2015 in London will address the key issues faced by the consortia committed to nuclear decommissioning projects.

This will include the establishment of working relationships and gaining contracts and beyond that excellence in operational procedures.

The conference will focus on existing and potential projects across Europe for the sake of establishing new business and innovation in waste management and on-site procedures.

Key Topics

  • Nuclear Energy and Decommissioning in the EU
  • Decommissioning Experience in Europe; Progress so Far & Future Opportunities
  • On Site Decommissioning, Care and Maintenance
  • Waste and Compounds Characterisation – Waste Hierarchy and Packaging
  • Challenges in Transportation of Nuclear Waste Materials
  • Community Connection to the Project & Socio Economics in Contracting
  • Disposal Authorisation & On-Going Discussion on Safety Issues
  • Update on Spent fuel and waste management during decommissioning
  • Cutting Edge Technologies & R&D Highlights
  • Enhancing Business Relationships & Developing New Professionals in the Nuclear Decommissioning & Waste Management Supply Chain

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