Wylfa back online for final time

magnox 150Wylfa nuclear power station has returned to service after completion of its last ever planned maintenance outage.

Stuart Law, Site Director said: “It has been a busy few months at Wylfa as we have brought the site’s final outage to a conclusion and restarted electricity production.  Hundreds of staff and contractors have worked as one team since January to deliver this result – over 650,000 man-hours with no loss time accidents – a fantastic achievement. The work we have done to all areas of the plant will ensure that the site is in a great condition for its final period of generation.

“In the last few months we have had two extra challenges to overcome once the main maintenance work period was completed.  I am delighted to say that all groups pulled together to resolve these issues and delivered a high standard of work, showing great flexibility and resilience.”

Although Reactor 1 was shutdown for the outage in January this year, Wylfa finished the 2013/14 financial year achieving 2.81TWh (Terawatt Hours) of electricity – enough to provide the power for around 70 million smart phones. This generated in the region of £140million of revenue for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), which owns the site.

In 2012, Wylfa commenced Inter Reactor Transfer, which ensured that the site could continue to generate with one reactor by transferring fuel from Reactor 2 to Reactor 1. Since the programme began, Wylfa has successfully generated 4.51TW of electricity. Overall, there is potential to generate an estimated extra 2.6TW of electricity – providing an extra £100 million of income for the NDA – subject to regulatory approval.

Dr Brian Burnett, NDA Head of Programmes, said: “Wylfa’s return to service is good news for the taxpayer, for Anglesey and for the site workforce.  I congratulate the team at Wylfa for overcoming the recent challenges and look forward to continued safe generation at the site.”


You can watch a short video here.


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