Magnox shortlisted for project management awards

magnox 150Magnox has been shortlisted for three coveted Association for Project Management (APM) awards, including the top award of ‘project management company of the year’.

Being shortlisted by the APM is a great achievement for Magnox, which has been transitioning from a nuclear generating company to a decommissioning project delivery organisation. Decommissioning is all about preparing the former nuclear power stations for a long period of care and maintenance, before they are eventually demolished during the final site clearance phase of their lifecycles. This involves a range of large scale conventional and radiological decommissioning projects and puts effective project management at the core of the business.

Magnox is focused on delivering the Magnox Optimised Decommissioning Programme (MODP), which will see all ten Magnox sites enter into care and maintenance (C&M) by 2028, saving an estimated £1.8 billion from the original baseline cost. It also removes 34 site years from the time to get all sites into C&M. To realise the benefits of the programme, a project management improvement plan has been implemented to ensure the correct organisational structure is in place and new project management processes are embedded.

Andrew Fettis, Magnox Projects Director, said: “It is great for Magnox to recognised in this way. Over the last few years a real cultural change has taken place, which has refocused the business into project delivery organisation. A key part of this is the development of our people, with many transitioning from experienced operators into project delivery roles. Magnox has developed a project management learning and development programme to support the reskilling of the workforce. A number of personnel have taken secondments to external organisations, where they gained valuable experience outside the nuclear industry. These new skills and experiences have been brought back into Magnox to aid the delivery of its programme.”

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on November 3 2014. For more information visit the APM website.