Sellafield Supply Chain Coalition (SSCC) is looking for new members

sellafield logoThe SSCC was formed in April 2008 to assist Sellafield Ltd in improving standards within the Supply Chain.

60% of the work is delivered by the supply chain and so full engagement and involvement with the supply chain is essential for continued and sustained improvement.  This is a supply chain led process, supported by SL, and formed initially with 10 members, subsequently growing to 17 organisations.

The specific objectives of the SSCC are:

  • To reduce the potential of a future event and its impact on the nuclear industry;
  • To establish a benchmark;
  • To improve operations and efficiencies;
  • To become learning organisations and share learning;
  • To identify and share best practice;
  • To raise Company standards;
  • To be relevant to ALL Supply Chain organisations.

The SSCC Improvement Tool Process

We have developed our own Improvement Tool in a measureable format (Excel Spreadsheet) and this is implemented via a series of workshops facilitated by SL.  This is invaluable as this provides independence and challenge and also allows for an element of calibration during the initial scoring aspect.  The output is a completed Improvement Tool and an Improvement Plan to improve red and amber scoring elements.  Members then pair-up to learn and share from each other, continually improving in the process

The Benefits of the SSCC

Each member organisation has improved as a result of the SSCC process through the completion of their Improvement Plans.  As a result, the collective performance of the SSCC members has improved and this has contributed positively to Sellafield Ltd’s performance.

The SSCC has gained considerable credibility through delivering a high quality product that works and the SSCC was awarded ”Runner Up” in the Supply Chain Collaboration category at the 2014 Sellafield Supplier Awards.


How can we get involved?

For more information on the SSCC, please contact Paul Unsworth on 07713 083510 or

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