Design of Bradwell gas ducts

Frazer NashLeading engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash has been appointed by Magnox to perform concept and detailed design of new structural steel supports for the reactor gas ducts at Bradwell nuclear power station. 

The work involves applying advanced methods for design and seismic structural analysis, and includes design of the connections between the supports and the ducts and the surrounding civil structure.  The new supports complement the existing supports and will ensure confidence that the gas ducts can withstand a design basis seismic event during the next 100 years without damage to the reactors resulting in radiological release.

Frazer-Nash was selected both for its long standing track record in the delivery of technical nuclear projects and for the calibre and experience of its staff.

Peter Frost, Business Manager at Frazer-Nash, said: “We are really proud to be working with Magnox on this assessment project, especially as it will contribute to the safety of the site.  We’ve established a strong relationship with Magnox since 2003 and have been involved in many of their projects including the life extension of the nuclear reactor at Oldbury before it was finally decommissioned in 2012, so we’re delighted to be able to continue work with the organisation on projects such as these.”

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