Bradwell reactor building makeover

magnox 150Bradwell Site’s reactor buildings are beginning to sport a fresh new look as demolition and weather protection work progresses at the Magnox site – giving an initial insight to how the site will look when it enters care and maintenance.

The site’s two reactor buildings have now been separated for the first time since they were built in the 1950s following demolition of a central change building which joined them together, allowing additional workfaces to be opened up to progress the installation of the aluminum cladding.

The cladding, which will provide weather protection for the site during the care and maintenance phase of its lifecycle, has started to be revealed on boiler house one, the first of the four former boiler houses to be completed and the scaffolding removed. Around 60 tonnes of scaffolding is being taken down after nearly two years of concealing the 144ft high structure.

To date 7,377m2 of cladding, out of the total of 28,000m2, has been installed, with the approach being to clad the four boiler houses first and then and work inwards to the reactor buildings themselves.

Scott Raish, Bradwell Site Director, said: “Separating the two reactor buildings really is marking the end of an era for Bradwell but also highlights progress being made at the site. Now the buildings are separated, the work to clad the reactors can continue and we will begin to see more of what the site will look like in care and maintenance – this work demonstrates our commitment to safely and securely deliver the Magnox work programme.”

 You can watch a timelapse video of the work below.

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