Public support for nuclear energy rises

nia_headerThe Department of Energy and Climate Change DECC Public Attitudes Tracker shows support for nuclear power is rising again after a dip in August 2014, with support returning to 42%, a rise of six points. The percentage of respondents against the use of nuclear power remains the same at 24% while those neither for or against the technology is 32%. 

Commenting on the results, Keith Parker, Chief Executive, Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“The Department of Energy and Climate Change Public Attitudes Tracker results clearly show support for nuclear energy generation is on the rise again. The positive news from Brussels, sanctioning the contract agreed between the British Government and EDF Energy for the construction of Hinkley Point C is evidently taking effect.

“However, with almost a third of respondents still undecided about nuclear it is important industry and government do more to showcase the strength and importance of the British nuclear sector. For example, the Hinkley Point C project alone will create 25,000 job opportunities and once complete generate 7% of our electricity.”

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