NuGen powers forward

nugen_logo 200NuGen is powering forward with plans for our Moorside Nuclear Power project in West Cumbria, and I wanted to take this opportunity of updating you on some of our progress, and our news.

Moorside is an incredibly exciting project – and one of national, and international significance. Our plans to build three Westinghouse AP1000® reactors on land to the north and west of the Sellafield complex, will make our project the largest new nuclear construction project in Europe.
Output from our three reactors will be up to 3.4GW. This will make Moorside the biggest single electricity output from a nuclear power station in the UK. As you can imagine, we are not standing still. NuGen is engaging and collaborating with a broad range of regulators, local government and other key stakeholders as we move forward with urgency on an aggressive schedule, towards a final investment decision around 2018.
We aim for our first reactor to be on-line by 2024 – and for all three units to be connected by the end of 2026. We are continually increasing our
momentum, to meet these challenging timescales. We are working closely with the nuclear regulators, the Environment Agency, and a broad spectrum of other key stakeholders, to move the Moorside project forward with a combination of energy, and professional oversight.
Sandy Rupprecht CEO NuGen

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