Improving Programmes for Radioactive Waste Management

iaea_org_logo_newImproved organizational performance, enhanced safety, optimized operations and increased national and international confidence in Member States’ organizations, facilities, programmes and activities are among the benefits that IAEA ARTEMIS peer reviews provide to Member States.

Launched in 2014, ARTEMIS is an integrated review service that aims to enhance the coordination and application of IAEA resources in nuclear energy and nuclear safety to peer reviews that meet the needs of Member State institutions and programmes in nuclear-related areas. “The scope of the ARTEMIS service covers both safety and technical considerations of spent fuel and radioactive waste management, decommissioning of facilities and remediation activities,” said Juan Carlos Lentijo, Director of the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology.

The ARTEMIS service is built on the IAEA’s extensive experience in conducting international peer review missions in the fields of nuclear safety and technology. The service draws on the IAEA’s unique global perspective, with its vast networks of international experts addressing these specialized areas, as well as its role in establishing international safety standards and technical guidance for the specific nuclear-related areas that come under its domain.

“By utilizing the resources and expertise from two IAEA departments [nuclear energy and nuclear safety and security] through one service, ARTEMIS offers more comprehensive and effective reviews to the Member States,” said Pil-Soo Hahn, Director of the Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety.

ARTEMIS reviews can range from the evaluation of national frameworks and regulatory systems to assessing projects and programmes. This process covers all aspects of safety and technology implementation for radioactive waste and spent fuel management, decommissioning and remediation, including uranium production residues and sealed source management and other waste safety or waste technology issues. In order to ensure quality and consistency of this service, special review process guidelines are under preparation for the benefit of both the reviewers and the Member State institutions or organizations under review. These guidelines will be available in 2015.

The comprehensive nature of this review service also makes it a suitable avenue for those IAEA Member States seeking to meet the obligations of the European Union 2011 Waste Directive that requires peer reviews in these nuclear areas every ten years (Council Directive 2011/70/EURATOM).

Tailored to Member State needs, independent results

ARTEMIS reviews are available to all IAEA Member States including those having or introducing nuclear power plants, as well as those only using nuclear technology applications.

A typical ARTEMIS review service can consist of several steps. The IAEA works with the requesting Member State, facility or organization to define the terms, scope and focus of the review. A team of independent experts then completes the review mission and provides a report with evaluations, advice and guidance. The IAEA oversees and guides the ARTEMIS review process in order to ensure consistency and adherence to applicable safety standards, guidelines and good practices.

The result of an ARTEMIS review is a concise and coherent summary of opinions, recommendations and findings from the independent experts that can be used by the requesting entity to further develop or improve a targeted activity or programme. The mission and its final report also accounts for relevant IAEA safety standards, technical guidance and internationally recognized good practices. The final report is the property of the requesting entity, though the IAEA encourages final review reports to be made publically available for the further benefit of other Member States.

More details on the whole review process can be found in the ARTEMIS brochure and leaflet or at the ARTEMIS website.

The costs associated with an ARTEMIS review are borne by the Member State or the organization requesting the review. Some Member States are eligible to receive funding through the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme, or through the IAEA’s extra-budgetary resources.

Member States can request an ARTEMIS review by contacting the ARTEMIS Review Coordinator or emailing the request to


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