Rolls-Royce awarded boron measurement technology contract

rolls royce 200Rolls-Royce, in partnership with COMEX NUCLEAIRE, has been awarded a contract to supply boron measurement systems for the entire fleet of 900MW nuclear reactors in France owned and operated by EDF Group.

Rolls-Royce boron meter technology, known as Boronline, complies with the latest French safety regulations. It provides real-time data on boron concentration levels in the reactor coolant through continuous measurement and is essential to control the reactivity of the core and ensure safe operation.

Eric Blanc, President – I&C, Rolls-Royce said: “We are delighted to be awarded this contract. We have extensive experience in nuclear I&C and invest continuously in R&D to ensure that we are able to offer our customers the latest I&C technology that meets the most stringent safety regulations.”

“Our relationship with EDF spans over forty years and we are pleased that they have once again put their trust in our world-class technologies which help to ensure the safety and performance of their reactors.”

The contract, which includes equipment feasibility and supply, on-site activities and long-term support, is scheduled to run until 2022. COMEX NUCLEAIRE will oversee mechanical design, support for licensing with French Safety Authority (ASN) and installation.

Rolls-Royce provides I&C systems and solutions to more than 200 nuclear reactors worldwide including all 58 nuclear reactors in France, through its I&C centre of excellence based in Grenoble, France.