Wylfa Newydd will be delivered safely

horizon new 200Horizon Nuclear Power has issued an open letter to the former Japanese Prime Minister Mr Naoto Kan, who was visiting Anglesey Thursday 26 February to discuss nuclear power generation.

In the letter, Alan Raymant, Chief Operating Officer at Horizon, highlighted the strong safety record of the nuclear industry in the UK and globally, the integral part that nuclear power has played in Anglesey’s recent history, and the robust measures that will be put in place to defend against all viable risks to the new plant. He also underlined the key role that Horizon, and many others both in the UK and elsewhere across the world, see for nuclear in meeting our future energy challenges.

Mr Raymant said: “A repeat on Anglesey of the natural conditions that led to the Fukushima accident is not a credible possibility due to the absence of major seismic or tsunami risk. But we, and the UK regulators, are taking valuable lessons from that event to enhance safety even further.

“We are privileged to enjoy support from Governments and elected representatives in Anglesey and in Wales more widely, from the local community and from the future workforce. But we are in no doubt that this support relies on clearly demonstrating that safety and security are at the core of what we do. We will not flinch from honest debate about nuclear power, but we remain determined to deliver Wylfa Newydd safely and to the benefit of the community.”

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