AP1000® Plant Design Review

nugen_logo 200NuGen, the UK nuclear developer, has welcomed news from UK regulators and Westinghouse that the close-out phase of the Generic Design Assessment for the AP1000 nuclear power plant has begun.

The announcement is a positive step forward for NuGen’s Moorside project, which aims to deliver three AP1000 reactors on land to the North and West of Sellafield site. The target date for completion of the design assessment on the AP1000 reactor for use in the UK, is January 2017.

On completion, Moorside would power up to 6 million homes – equivalent to 7 per cent of the UK’s future electricity needs.

A NuGen spokesman warmly welcomed the news.

“This notification that the regulators and Westinghouse are taking forward design assessment on the AP1000 to close-out, on a timescale in keeping with NuGen’s Moorside project delivery, is important news for us, and for the UK as a whole.”

“The Moorside project in West Cumbria could be transformational for the region in terms of jobs and economic benefits, and of huge significance to the future of the UK in terms of the secure supply of low-carbon for future generations.”

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