Coastal Erosion at Nuclear Sites

Shoreform 200Shoreform uses innovative technology to address issues contained in the DEFRA report and Weightman post Fukushima report on the vulnerability to flooding of nuclear licensed sites in England and Wales.

The technology will provide low maintenance sustainable protection for nuclear licensed sites against coastal erosion and flooding. In so doing the technology will mitigate the risk of early more costly dismantling and longer term on-site radioactive waste storage/disposal and lower cost “in-situ” decommissioning strategies.

Reports referenced are the DEFRA report UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) published on 25 January 2012 and the Weightman final Fukushima report published 11 October 2011. Shoreform technology provides an economic coastal evolution strategy that is low maintenance and environmentally beneficial.

These articles from the press talk about theproblem.

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